18 Best Restaurants in Tulsa 2023 – Oklahoma’s Culinary Delights

Throughout my years of traveling as a restaurant critic, I’ve savored flavors from every corner of the globe, but there are few places as captivating as Tulsa, the vibrant heart of Oklahoma. This spirited city is a culinary treasure trove, where each meal is a new gastronomic adventure, promising an explosion of flavors that stir the senses and feed the soul.

From the hearty, finger-licking Southern barbecues that tell tales of deep-rooted traditions to the innovative modern cuisines that push boundaries and redefine the city’s food landscape, Tulsa is a delightful paradox that never ceases to surprise.

It’s time to buckle up and embark on an epicurean journey as we explore the 18 best restaurants in Tulsa, a riveting fusion of old and new, where culinary traditions from around the world intermingle with fresh local produce to create a food scene that’s as diverse and dynamic as the city itself.

1. The French Hen Bistro

The French Hen Bistro Tulsa

Tucked away in South Tulsa, The French Hen Bistro serves classic French cuisine with an American twist. The restaurant’s warm ambiance, impeccable service, and gourmet offerings make it a perennial favorite amongst locals and tourists alike.

  • Signature dishes include Duck Two Ways and Lobster Risotto.
  • Pair your meal with a selection from their award-winning wine list.

2. Juniper

Located in the bustling downtown district, Juniper changes the game with its fresh, farm-to-table approach. Chef Justin Thompson’s creative touch turns locally-sourced ingredients into a stunning modern-American menu.

  • Enjoy Juniper’s Roasted Beet Salad or Duroc Pork Chop.
  • Don’t miss their artisanal cheese board.

3. Amelia’s

Amelia’s Tulsa

A culinary ode to the South, Amelia’s exhibits a distinct blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication. Expect traditional Southern dishes recreated with an innovative flair and a focus on locally-sourced ingredients.

  • Must-tries include the Pecan-Crusted Trout and the Sweet Potato Hash.
  • Check out their unique selection of craft beers.

4. PRHYME: Downtown Steakhouse

Meat lovers rejoice at PRHYME: Downtown Steakhouse, where premium hand-cut meats and an extensive wine list dominate the menu. Their modern interpretation of the classic American steakhouse experience is truly exceptional.

  • Indulge in the USDA Prime Dry-Aged Ribeye or Colorado Rack of Lamb.
  • Their wine list features over 250 different options from around the world.

5. Tallgrass Prairie Table

Tallgrass Prairie Table Tulsa

Tallgrass Prairie Table stands at the forefront of the farm-to-table movement in Tulsa. The restaurant prides itself on its use of locally sourced and sustainably farmed ingredients.

  • The Pan Seared Scallops and Grilled Flat Iron Steak are both excellent choices.
  • Their cocktails, made with house-infused spirits, are not to be missed.

6. Polo Grill

Located in Utica Square, Polo Grill is a Tulsa icon known for its upscale American cuisine and a cellar boasting over 1000 wine labels. The setting is as impressive as the menu, with a refined and sophisticated ambiance.

  • Signature dishes include the Herb Crusted Lamb Rack and Polo Grill’s Crab Cake.
  • They offer an extensive wine list and a variety of wine-tasting events.

7. Sushi Hana

For a taste of Japan in the heart of Oklahoma, head to Sushi Hana. This chic sushi spot blends traditional Japanese aesthetics with a distinctly modern feel, and the food is as vibrant as the setting.

  • Their Dragon Roll and Yellowtail Scallion Roll are absolute must-tries.
  • Pair your sushi with a selection from their sake menu.

8. Mahogany Prime Steakhouse

Another must-visit for steak enthusiasts, Mahogany Prime Steakhouse, serves some of the finest cuts in the city. A consistent recipient of awards and accolades, this steakhouse offers a luxe dining experience.

  • Don’t miss the Bone-In Ribeye or the Seared Ahi Tuna.
  • Complement your meal with a classic cocktail or a bottle from their extensive wine list.

9. Palace Café

Palace Café in Tulsa

The Palace Café on Cherry Street presents an array of innovative dishes, offering a unique twist on classic American fare. The modern yet inviting atmosphere matches the innovative menu, creating a dining experience that is both comfortable and cutting-edge.

  • Highly recommended are the Seared Scallops and Duck Confit.
  • They offer a weekly rotating menu and an exceptional wine list.

10. Stonehorse Café

Nestled in Utica Square, Stonehorse Café provides a delightful mix of American and European cuisines in a welcoming, casual setting. Its menu is a tribute to simple, beautifully prepared food.

  • The Duck Two Ways and Stonehorse Pizza are crowd favorites.
  • Don’t forget to visit the adjacent market for gourmet take-home options.

11. Laffa Medi-Eastern Restaurant and Bar

Laffa Medi-Eastern Restaurant and Bar in Tulsa

Lovers of exotic flavors will be thrilled by Laffa Medi-Eastern Restaurant and Bar. This restaurant’s intriguing menu is a harmonious blend of Middle Eastern, North African, and Mediterranean flavors.

  • Must-try dishes include Lamb Shawarma and Marrakesh Shrimp.
  • Their patio, which is open in suitable weather, provides a fantastic outdoor dining experience.

12. Villa Ravenna

For an authentic Italian experience, Villa Ravenna is a must-visit. A family-owned spot, it offers a wide variety of homemade pasta, seafood, and meats, all prepared with an Italian flair.

  • Standouts include the Osso Buco and the Spaghetti Bolognese.
  • Pair your meal with a selection from their comprehensive Italian wine list.

13. Lucky’s Restaurant

Lucky’s Restaurant in the historic Cherry Street district provides an innovative twist on classic American comfort food. Their farm-to-table approach ensures the freshness and quality of every dish.

  • The Grilled Meatloaf and Honey Fried Chicken are exceptional choices.
  • Try their rotating selection of local craft beers.

14. Elmer’s BBQ

No list of Tulsa restaurants would be complete without a nod to the city’s BBQ roots. Elmer’s BBQ is a legendary spot offering succulent smoked meats and classic Southern sides in a laid-back atmosphere.

  • Don’t miss the Badwich, a sandwich stacked with every smoked meat they offer.
  • Their homemade banana pudding is a delightful way to end your meal.

15. Burn Co Barbeque

Burn Co Barbeque

Another fantastic barbecue joint, Burn Co Barbeque, has gained a cult following for its use of Hasty-Bake grills, bringing out exceptional flavors in their smoked meats.

  • Try the Baby Back Ribs or the Sausage Cheeseburger.
  • Be sure to arrive early, as the restaurant closes when it sells out of that day’s BBQ – a testament to its popularity!

16. Celebrity Restaurant

For those seeking a nostalgic ambiance paired with excellent food, look no further than the Celebrity Restaurant. Established in 1963, this Tulsa gem maintains an old-world charm with its vintage booths and mirrored walls, all while serving an outstanding menu of American classics.

  • The Celebrity Caesar Salad, prepared tableside, is a classic choice, as is their Prime Rib.
  • Their comprehensive drink menu features classic cocktails and a selection of fine wines.

17. Sisserou’s Caribbean Restaurant

Sisserou’s Caribbean Restaurant

Sisserou’s Caribbean Restaurant transports you straight to the vibrant island life of Trinidad and Tobago. Exotic flavors, warm colors, and island-themed decor combine to create a unique dining experience in the heart of Tulsa.

  • Standouts include the Curry Goat and the Jerk Chicken Pasta.
  • Don’t miss their tropical cocktails, like the Island Rum Punch and the Trinidadian Rum Runner.

18. Mother Road Market

While technically not a single restaurant, the Mother Road Market is an essential stop for foodies. This food hall showcases a diverse array of cuisines from local chefs and vendors, making it a true food paradise.

  • With so many options, there’s something to suit every palate. Popular stalls include Andolini’s Pizzeria, Umami Fries, and Metropolis, which serve Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.
  • The market also offers cooking classes and a patio with a playground, making it a fantastic family-friendly destination.

Final Words

Food Scene

Tulsa’s dynamic food scene captures the city’s spirit – a blend of tradition and innovation, locally sourced and globally inspired, casual and refined. These 18 restaurants provide a snapshot of the city’s culinary landscape, each offering a unique dining experience worth exploring.

So whether you’re a seasoned gourmand or simply looking for your next dinner spot, Tulsa’s culinary scene has something to offer everyone.

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