The 11 Best Oklahoma Wineries & Vineyards in 2023 – Perfect Destinations for Getaways

Oklahoma, a hidden gem in the American winemaking scene, has seen a renaissance in its wine culture. Today, we explore the top eleven wineries and vineyards in Oklahoma as of 2023, offering a unique glimpse into the state’s rich viticultural heritage.

These selections are based on a combination of factors like wine quality, visitor experience, and uniqueness.

1. Canadian River Winery

Canadian River Winery


Nestled in the heart of central Oklahoma, Canadian River Winery is renowned for its rich heritage and exceptional wine varieties. This winery prides itself on producing wines that reflect Oklahoma’s unique terroir.

Why It Stands Out

  • Variety of Wines: Famous for its sweet wines and robust reds.
  • Special Events: Hosts numerous wine-related events, including tastings and festivals.
  • Scenic Ambiance: The winery’s rustic charm provides a perfect backdrop for wine enthusiasts.

2. Tidewater Winery

Tidewater Wines

Situated in a historic building in Drumright, Tidewater Winery stands out with its distinct architectural beauty. Specializing in both dry and sweet wines, this winery has mastered the art of balancing flavor and aroma.

Why It Stands Out

  • Unique Architecture: The winery is housed in a beautifully restored 1920s building.
  • Diverse Wine Portfolio: Offers a range of wines, from crisp whites to bold reds.
  • Engaging Wine Tours: Visitors can enjoy informative tours and tastings.

3. Clauren Ridge Vineyard and Winery

Clauren Ridge Vineyard & Winery

Clauren Ridge Vineyard and Winery, situated in Edmond, is known for its inviting ambiance and high-quality wines. This family-owned winery emphasizes the importance of local production and community involvement.

Why It Stands Out

  • Innovative Wine Making: Combines traditional methods with modern technology.
  • Interactive Experiences: Offers comprehensive wine tours and tastings.
  • Charming Venue: Ideal for events, with stunning vineyard views.

4. Chapel Creek Winery

Chapel Creek Winery

Chapel Creek Winery, part of the Redlands Community College in El Reno, offers a unique blend of educational and vinicultural experiences. This winery is not only a center for learning but also a producer of fine wines.

Why It Stands Out

  • Educational Aspect: Offers a unique learning experience about winemaking.
  • Quality Wines: Known for its well-balanced and refined wines.
  • Scenic Vineyard Tours: Provides a picturesque setting for wine tasting and exploration.

5. Plymouth Valley Cellars

Plymouth Valley Cellars, nestled in the rolling hills of Fairview, is a testament to Oklahoma’s varied wine landscape. This winery is known for its unique location and a diverse array of wine varieties.

Why It Stands Out

  • Distinctive Wines: Produces a range of wines, from classic to experimental.
  • Picturesque Settings: The winery offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  • Friendly Atmosphere: A welcoming environment that enhances the wine-tasting experience.

6. Girls Gone Wine

Girls Gone Wine in Broken Bow offers a fun, inclusive, and slightly irreverent approach to wine tasting. This boutique winery is all about celebrating friendship and creating memories.

Why It Stands Out

  • Fun-Loving Atmosphere: Perfect for a girls’ getaway or a fun day out.
  • Creative Wine Selection: Offers a variety of playful and tasty wines.
  • Charming Location: Set in the beautiful surroundings of southeastern Oklahoma.

7. StableRidge Vineyards

Stable Ridge Winery

StableRidge Vineyards, located in the historic town of Stroud, is housed in a beautifully restored Catholic church. This winery is revered for its small-batch wines and its dedication to quality.

Why It Stands Out

  • Historical Venue: The winery’s setting in a former church adds a unique charm.
  • Artisanal Wines: Specializes in handcrafted, small-batch wines.
  • Inviting Tasting Room: Offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere for wine enthusiasts.

8. Fish Tales Winery & Vineyards

Fish Tales Winery & Vineyards, located near the picturesque town of Broken Bow, is a delightful blend of rustic charm and wine-making excellence. Known for its friendly atmosphere and high-quality wines, this vineyard is a must-visit for anyone exploring Oklahoma’s wine scene.

Why It Stands Out

  • Exceptional Wine Quality: Offers a diverse range of wines, each carefully crafted to showcase the unique flavors of the region.
  • Scenic Outdoor Settings: The vineyard provides a tranquil setting, ideal for sipping wine and enjoying the natural beauty.
  • Family-Friendly Environment: Welcomes visitors of all ages, making it a perfect destination for family outings.

9. Sparks Vineyard & Winery


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Sparks Vineyard & Winery, nestled in the heart of Oklahoma, is a fusion of traditional winemaking methods and modern innovation. This vineyard stands out for its commitment to producing top-quality wines and providing a memorable visitor experience.

Why It Stands Out

  • Wide Range of Wines: Known for both traditional varietals and innovative blends.
  • Interactive Wine Tastings: Offers engaging and informative tastings, perfect for both beginners and wine aficionados.
  • Picturesque Location: Set in a beautiful rural area, offering visitors a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

10. Pecan Creek Winery

Pecan Creek Winery, situated in the lush landscapes of Muskogee, is renowned for its excellence in winemaking and its dedication to creating high-quality wines. This winery offers an array of wines that are as diverse as they are flavorful.

Why It Stands Out

  • Award-Winning Wines: Features a selection of wines that have received local and national accolades.
  • Stunning Vineyard Views: The winery boasts some of the most picturesque vineyard landscapes in Oklahoma.
  • Warm and Inviting Atmosphere: The staff at Pecan Creek are dedicated to providing an exceptional visitor experience.

11. Native Spirits Winery

Native Spirit Winery

Native Spirits Winery, located in the scenic region near Norman, stands out for its connection to Oklahoma’s rich cultural heritage and its distinctive range of wines. This winery combines traditional practices with modern techniques to create wines that are both unique and reflective of the state’s history.

Why It Stands Out

  • Culturally Rich Wines: Each wine is crafted to reflect the rich cultural heritage of Oklahoma.
  • Engaging Tasting Experiences: Offers tastings that are both informative and enjoyable, perfect for understanding the nuances of each wine.
  • Serene Environment: The winery is set in a peaceful location, allowing visitors to relax and immerse themselves in the world of wine.


Can I purchase Oklahoma wines online from these wineries?

Yes, many of the Oklahoma wineries offer online purchasing options, allowing you to enjoy their wines from the comfort of your home. It’s best to visit each winery’s website for specific details on their online shopping and shipping policies.

Are there any vineyard accommodation options available in Oklahoma?

Some wineries and vineyards in Oklahoma do offer accommodation or can recommend nearby lodging. It varies by location, so checking with each vineyard in advance is advisable.

Do these Oklahoma wineries offer wine club memberships?

Yes, several wineries in Oklahoma offer wine club memberships. These memberships typically include perks like exclusive releases, discounts, and invitations to special events. Check individual winery websites for details.

Can I host private events at these Oklahoma wineries?

Many of the wineries in Oklahoma provide facilities for private events like weddings, corporate gatherings, and parties. Contact the wineries directly for availability and booking information.

Are there seasonal activities or events at these Oklahoma wineries?

Yes, Oklahoma wineries often host seasonal events such as harvest festivals, summer concerts, and holiday celebrations. Visit their websites or follow them on social media for the latest event information.

Is it possible to take a guided tour covering multiple Oklahoma wineries?

Guided wine tours that cover multiple wineries in Oklahoma are available, especially during peak seasons. These tours often include transportation and a knowledgeable guide. Check online for tour operators or ask at local tourism offices.

Closing Thoughts

Oklahoma’s wineries and vineyards are rich in diversity and character. From sustainable viticulture at Woods & Waters to the playful spirit of Girls Gone Wine, each destination offers a unique experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring the historic Tidewater Winery or enjoying the scenic beauty of Canadian River Winery, Oklahoma’s wine country is a treasure trove of flavors, stories, and experiences waiting to be discovered. There are also plenty of restaurants throughout the state you can visit to circle your travel adventure, so make sure to do your research and enjoy!